• People Oriented

    We put “People Oriented” as the core of the corporate culture and practice.Our operations and managements are all based on respect,trust and caring.We believe in inspiring people with noble character,attracting people with fair benefits,improving people with effective training and retaining people with sincerity and concern.

  • Continuous Innovation

    We insist on the investment of independent research and strive to achieve original breakthrough in important technical field. We are committed to improving the application of magnetic materials to provide customers with more qualified and reliable products.We focus on management optimization and service innovation and improve the overrall management operation level.

  • Lean manufacturing

    We insist on quality first, establish a production management system that meets international standards, and formulate enterprise product standards that are stricter than national requirements to ensure that each ex-factory product meets customer requirements. We respect the development law of the industry, continuously accumulate and improve our R&D and management capabilities, and are determined to become a leading enterprise in the industry.

  • Win-win cooperation

    We follow the common value concept, highly praise the corporate culture of teamwork, attach importance to the overrall achievements of the team, and strive to create collaborative value.We strive to seek the win-win relationship with the society, customers, employees and shareholders. We continue to promote the sustainable development of industry.