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Time:2019-03-29 View:95

From March 26, 2019 to March 28, 2019, the annual CWIEME was held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall. CWIEME SHANGHAI is a professional winding machine, motor and transformer manufacturing exhibition in Asia Pacific region, which is the fastest growing exhibition on CWIEME global series. The three-day exhibition attracted a large number of motor,magnetic materials companies to participate in the exhibition, as well as material engineers, motor technology researchers to participate.

Zhejiang Sheensen magnetics technology co., ltd. After careful preparation, relying on the exquisite technical level, strong corrosion resistant coating (nano coating) rare earth permanent magnet materials become a major bright spot in the industry, attracting many Chinese and foreign businessmen to come to visit and consult. After communicating with our engineers and technicians, some of them are satisfied.

In this exhibition, our company gained a lot, which not only showed our products and technology, but also enhanced the popularity and influence of the company's brand, showing our strength to the industry.